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European Free Trade Negotiations Hampered Market Access PDF Print E-mail
Written by Maizer   
Wednesday, 02 May 2018

The CEPA negotiations with EFTA are expected to bring economic benefits, including wider market access, increased exports of goods.


The 15th round Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (CEPA) between Indonesia and the European Free Trade Association (EFTA) is hampered by market access issues. The talks discussed a number of issues related to trade in goods, services and investments.


The talks were held on 23 to 27 April 2018 in Banten. The Indonesian delegation was led by Soemadi DM Brotodiningrata, while EFTA was represented by Markus Schlagenhof.


"There is a delayed problem in terms of market access, but the two delegations agreed to resolve it at the level of the Chairman of the Negotiating Team and are optimistic that the completion target in the second half of 2018 can be achieved," Soemadi said in an official statement from Banten on Monday (30/4).


The CEPA negotiations with EFTA are expected to bring economic benefits, including wider market access, increased exports of goods and services, and investment. Cooperation programs are also expected to be obtained from EFTA member countries in particular to enhance Indonesia's competitiveness in Europe as well as the global market. In addition to market access, trade agreements can be the entrance of Indonesian export products to the EU market.


"In the negotiations also discussed partnership programs that can be cooperated between the two countries," said Soemadi.


Meanwhile, the Director of Bilateral Talks at the Directorate General of International Trade Negotiations who also served as the Vice Chairman of the IE-CEPA negotiations for Indonesia Made Marthini cited the importance of CEPA's settlement with EFTA to enhance Indonesia's competitiveness in the European market. The reason, Indonesia's competitors have been more aggressive in forming trade agreements.


Currently, Vietnam and Malaysia are in the process of negotiating with EFTA. Meanwhile, the Philippines and Singapore have signed a trade agreement agreement with EFTA first.


EFTA is a free trade association consisting of four countries, namely Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Iceland and Norway. IECEPA negotiations were first held on July 7, 2010. After nine rounds, the talks were suspended in 2014 due to a change of government process in Indonesia. In 2016, Indonesia and EFTA agreed to resume negotiations and target the completion of the negotiations in 2018.


Perundingan Perdagangan Bebas Eropa Terhambat Akses Pasar


Perundingan CEPA dengan EFTA diharapkan bisa membawa manfaat ekonomi, antara lain terbukanya akses pasar yang lebih luas, peningkatan ekspor barang.


Perundingan dagang Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (CEPA) putaran ke-15 antara Indonesia dan European Free Trade Association (EFTA) terhambat permasalahan akses pasar.  Perundingan tersebut membahas sejumlah isu terkait perdagangan barang, jasa, dan investasi.


Perundingan yang dilakukan pada 23 hingga 27 April 2018 di Banten. Delegasi  Indonesia dipimpin Soemadi DM Brotodiningrata, sementara dari pihak EFTA diwakili oleh Markus Schlagenhof.


"Terdapat masalah yang tertunda dalam hal akses pasar, namun kedua delegasi sepakat akan menyelesaikannya di tingkat Ketua Tim Perunding dan optimistis target penyelesaian di paruh kedua 2018 dapat dicapai,” kata Soemadi dalam keterangan resmi dari Banten, Senin (30/4).


Perundingan CEPA dengan EFTA  diharapkan bisa membawa manfaat ekonomi, antara lain terbukanya  akses pasar yang lebih luas, peningkatan ekspor barang dan jasa, serta investasi. Berbagai program kerja sama juga diharapkan bisa didapatkan dari negara-negara anggota EFTA khususnya untuk peningkatan daya saing Indonesia di Eropa dan juga pasar global. Selain akses pasar, perjanjian dagang bisa menjadi pintu masuk produk ekspor Indonesia ke pasar Uni-Eropa.


“Dalam perundingan juga dibahas program kemitraan yang dapat dikerjasamakan antara kedua negara,” ujar Soemadi.


Sementara itu, Direktur Perundingan Bilateral Ditjen Perundingan Perdagangan Internasional yang juga menjabat Wakil Ketua Perundingan IE-CEPA untuk Indonesia Made Marthini menyebut  pentingnya penyelesaian CEPA dengan EFTA untuk peningkatan daya saing Indonesia di pasar Eropa. Pasalnya, pesaing Indonesia sudah  lebih agresif dalam membentuk perjanjian perdagangan.


Saat ini, Vietnam dan Malaysia tengah menyelesaikan proses perundingan dengan EFTA. Sementara Filipina dan Singapura sudah menandatangani kesepaktan perjanjian perdagangan dengan EFTA terlebih dahulu.


EFTA merupakan asosiasi perdagangan bebas yang beranggotakan empat negara, yaitu Swiss, Liechtenstein, Islandia, dan Norwegia. Perundingan IECEPA pertama kali diadakan pada 7 Juli 2010. Setelah berlangsung selama sembilan putaran, perundingan sempat dihentikan sementara pada 2014 karena terjadi proses pergantian pemerintahan di Indonesia. Pada 2016, Indonesia dan EFTA sepakat melanjutkan perundingan dan menargetkan penyelesaian perundingan pada 2018.

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