Textile Manufacturers Ask for Protection
Written by Maizer   
Tuesday, 10 September 2019

The volume of imports rather than local production makes textile business players urge the government to impose import duty tariffs.


"This week we will go to the Indonesian Trade Security Committee (KPI) to ask for protection. We are communicating intensely to apply the customs tariffs by KPI," said Chairman of the Indonesian Textile Association (API) Ade Sudrajat in Jakarta.


The textile entrepreneurs who are members of the API ask the government to impose a tariff of 2.5% -18% as an import duty on imported textile products.


This need safeguard to protect domestic textile industry.


API refers to data released by the Central Statistics Agency (BPS) which mentions the trade performance of the textile industry and the national textile product (TPT) continues to decline.


The average growth in the last 10 years, exports in the textile industry did rise 3%. On the contrary, imports rose much more rapidly to 10.4%. The trade balance in the industry could continue to be eroded from US $ 6.08 billion in 2008 to US $ 3.2 billion in the first quarter of 2019.


In fact, on the other hand, consumption per capita continues to grow. In 2018 TPT consumption growth was recorded at 8.13 tons, up 4% annually.


On the same occasion, the secretary general of the Indonesian Association of Fiber and Yarn Filament Producers (APsyFi) Redma Gita Wirawasta added that the flood of imports occurred in the upstream textile industry, namely the production of fibers and yarns.


As a result, products from the upstream industry, especially in the fabric manufacturing sector, are unable to compete with imported fabrics because they are not absorbed by the downstream garment industry.


"Here consumption growth is taken by imports. We do not enjoy growth in public consumption," Redma said


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